2.0 | Music Review

By Bryan Durham - October 31, 2017

2.0 | Music Review - Bandook

MUSIC: A.R.Rahman
LYRICS: Abbas Tyrewala

The bass-heavy track takes you in all directions at once. There’s quite a lot happening at the same time and it does feel overwhelming at first, but then, you make your peace with it. For his first outing with ARR, Armaan Malik stays the path vocally, while Shashaa Tirupati does the experimenting. Don’t hate on it too much if you’re not a fan of autotune. Apparently, this is what a robotic love song sounds like in ARR’s vision.

A musical face-off is what this sounds and feels like. Kailash KherNakash Aziz and BlaaZe prop up this fight song that feels slightly too overambitious for its own good.

One thing is for sure. This isn’t ARR’s best work by a long shot. It’s effective in that it delivers as expected of it. But it doesn’t crackle with the electricity that was all too apparent in his earlier work.


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