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When music-makers lived a bit of the franchise in real life

Most of the names on this list are die-hard fans (save for Sam Smith, self-admittedly). And love the franchise to bits and know it backwards. Know any more names to add to this list?

Ariana Grande
Remember the time Ariana Grande was Boun T Hunter in a short video that recreates the controversial ‘Han shot first’ scene? Well, she slays, is all we’ll say…
Watch the video ‘Who Shot First’ here: https://youtu.be/QW-UlmLFCGQ.
BACKSTORY: In the 1977 original, Han Solo sits across two bounty hunter aliens and then kills the one called Greedo. In the 1997 re-release, George Lucas edited the scene to make it appear that Solo had shot in self-defence. He’s never lived it down since.

“Weird Al” Yankovic
Best known for his parodies, he has two Star Wars-themed songs to his name — ‘Yoda’ and ‘The Saga Begins’, it is his gesture that made another fan’s day that won our hearts. Back in 2015, the charitable Star Wars costume group The 501st Legion heard about eight-year-old Layla Centeno Murphy’s story of being bullied at school for being a fan of the franchise and got fellow members to share messages of support to help her feel better. One of those members happened to be Al. He visited her and she even got her own custom-made Stormtrooper suit.

That one time Sam went and bought himself a life-size Ewok costume and sent his followers into a gifting frenzy. Only for him to admit he hadn’t watched all the films in the franchise? He posted on Twitter, “Just for the record – I’m not a huge Star Wars fan haha I just love ewoks haha x I need to watch all the films for sure thou x (sic)”

Rick Rubin
Back in 2016, ahead of the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, legendary hiphop producer Rick Rubin took it upon himself to curate and create an EDM project inspired by the franchise. It’s called Star Wars: Headspace and and the tracklist includes names like BaauerKaskadeTroyBoiBonoboRöyksoppFlying LotusGalantis and others.


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