5 Things you need to know about IncInk

By Bandook - April 5, 2019

Ranveer Singh launched his independent music record label named IncInk on March 29th, 2019 in collaboration with Navzar Eranee.

The label will “look to unearth the future superstars of the music scene in India and present their raw talent to the global audience”.

Here are 5 things you need to know about Ranveer Singh’s “passion project” IncInk.

1. The label will kick start by launching some really raw, immensely talented, new rap and hip-hop (some of them worked on Gully Boy) artists who Ranveer and Navzar believe are the next superstars of the music scene in India. Ranveer has said “Rap and hip-hop are the biggest things happening in the Indian music today.”

2. Ranveer Singh’s partner and co-collaborator in the passion project IncInk is Navzar Eranee, filmmaker and music lover, founder/director Walkabout Films will give contemporary poets of our generation suitable exposure and reach amongst people. He also aims to nurture, launch and build artists in India.

3. The first three talents to be launched are Kaam Bhaari, SlowCheeta and Spitfire. Kaam Bhaari and Spitfire were also a part of Gully Boy with Ranveer Singh and had a chance to showcase their talents to him. SlowCheeta has been a part of Bollywood through his other projects.

4. It’s not just Ranveer and Navzar. The collab also includes the talented Anushka Manchanda a.k.a. Nuka & Shikhar Manchanda a.k.a. RAKHIS as a part of the core team and came on board as Head Of Music for IncInk.

5. And, the most important thing, why IncInk: ‘Inc’ stands for Inclusive and ‘Ink’ srands for Inkalab, a revolution through art. Their aim is to create an infrastructure where artists from different mediums can collaborate without restrictions.

IncInk has already released its first single, titled Zeher performed by Kaam Bhaari and produced by Shikhar Manchanda, which is a hard hitting song that challenges Indian music industry boldly and unapologetically.

Now this is what we call entering with a BANG!

Shikha Dhar


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