Alyssa Raghu in American Idol’s Top 24!

By Bryan Durham - April 5, 2018

Alyssa Raghu in American Idol’s Top 24! - Bandook

Alyssa Raghu in American Idol’s Top 24!
The Indian-Guyanese American has made it through!

Bryan Durham

We told you the talent is overwhelming this season and as Hollywood week and auditions (before that) breezed by, we saw favourites lose out and popular names fizzle out.

One contestant who consistently made it through round after round, out of the 169 aspirants, way past the Solo rounds and the Final Judgements and down to the 24, is daddy’s girl Alyssa Raghunandan.
Now, it’s the real deal and what remains to be seen now, is if she makes it further than Anoop DesaiSANJAY MALAKAR and Sonika Vaid?

We’ll continue to bring you more info about the show each week and continue cheering on #TeamRaghu!


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