Anupam Roy crafts an ode to personal sorrow

By Bandook - April 5, 2018

Anupam Roy crafts an ode to personal sorrow - Bandook

Anupam Roy crafts an ode to personal sorrow
With ‘Amar Dukkhogolo’ from Drishtikone, which stars Prosenjit Chatterjee and Rituparna Sengupta

bandook #MusicVideo Review by Bryan Durham

Song: Amar Dukkhogolo
Movie: Drishtikone (Bengali)
Music: Anupam Roy
Lyrics: Anupam Roy
Singer: Anupam Roy

Tragedy, loss and a deep, unfillable void of pain is at the heart of this ode to personal sorrow.

“My sorrows are like the turtle” sings Anupam Roy on the opening refrain of the imagery-heavy melody.

And then, he proceeds to explain how. Just like a turtle, trying to make it to dry land slowly and steadily, “my sorrow is taking its time with me”.

Anupam is a one-man show on this track and shows no sign of fatigue despite the heaviness of subject and the responsibility of working on every aspect of the song.

Most evocative are his lyrics. They conjure images of the seaside, of a city after the rains, of broken glass, of birds in flight and of long, loud silences.

And now, the visuals. At the core of this thriller are two characters – a lawyer played by Prosenjit and a housewife (?) played by Rituparna. Each of the character has a long, lingering sorrow that just permeates everything you see.

If you’re a sucker for sad songs, add this one to your all-time playlist. It’s seriously that good.

Catch it here:


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