AR Rahman: Looking forward to working on more pieces with Nirmika

By Bryan Durham - April 1, 2019

The name of the Marvel Anthem is out. Called Roke Na Rukenge, the song has been composed by AR Rahman, penned by Rolling Stone India editor Nirmika Singh and features rap by MC Heam.

In a first, ARR has created a song for a superhero film and from what he admitted, did so in 10 days flat. Roke Na Rukenge is a contemporary rock song with a catchy melody that underscores the Oscar winner’s trademark style.

A quintessential high-energy youth anthem, the song was launched by Avengers: Endgame director Joe Russo and ARR himself and the lyrics celebrate the indomitable spirit of the Avengers superheroes. They also allude to the need of the hour for young India to rise up and take charge.

Speaking about the collaboration with AR Rahman, Nirmika says, “I am really grateful to Rahman Sir for his trust in my writing and offering me this wonderful opportunity. As a writer, it was an inspiring experience working with Sir. He granted me all the creative freedom to co-envision the song with him, making this partnership a creative collaboration in the truest sense. We wanted to create a song that not only resonated with the ethos of the film but also with the youth.”

AR Rahman: Looking forward to working on more pieces with Nirmika

Of his collaboration with Nirmika, Rahman says, “Working with the legends of lyrics is fantastic, but I also wanted someone who could write from a younger perspective. A lyricist who understands modern sensibilities and is also well-versed in the world of poetry and songwriting across the world without letting go of the old soul of Hindi and Urdu poetry. I think Nirmika does all this with ease. We have already worked on three challenging pieces and I am looking forward to more!”

Apart from the Hindi anthem, Roke Na Rukenge will also be released in Tamil and Telugu versions.


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