Arijit Singh’s love for Laila Majnu’s first single ‘Aahista’ was instant

By Bryan Durham - August 10, 2018

Arijit Singh’s love for Laila Majnu’s first single ‘Aahista’ was instant

Arijit Singh had a heartfelt message for Imtiaz Ali the moment he heard Aahista, the new song out today from the intense love story, Laila Majnu.

And for an intense love story like this, one cannot do without Arijit Singh’s soulful voiceIt is not possible NOT to have Arijit Singh’s soulful voice in an intense love story. Imtiaz Ali who has penned Laila Majnu wanted to get Arijit on board to portray the pain and angst of love between Laila and Majnu in this song.

When The makers sent the rough version of the song to Arijit he loved the song instantly and sent a message to Imtiaz saying how he connected with the song in the first go and felt the lyrics are beautiful and that in fact he is so happy to lend his voice for it! After receiving such a warm response, Imtiaz Ali thanked him for adding soul to the song.

After a long time there’s a ‘Heartbreak Song’ which will instantly connect with broken hearts across.

Imtiaz ali adds, I was touched with Arijit’s message. He has given ‘ aahista’ a new depth and dimension with his soulful voice, we belive the song will connect with all the ‘tute hue dil’ out there’

With imtiaz Alis ear for music and Arijit singh’s deep voice., this song will surely remind you of your first heartbreak!

After all, the beauty of love also lies in the pain it brings with it

Laila Majnu is presented by Imtiaz Ali, Directed by Sajid Ali and Produced by Balaji Motion pictures and Preety Ali’s Pi films, releases on 7th September


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