Badal: Rap isn’t about dissing, it’s about expressing

By Bryan Durham - April 29, 2020

Singer-songwriter-rapper Badal just dropped a new track called Afsos, and while it catches your ear instantly like his previous hits, it’s also quite different. Quite gritty, quite earthy. Just as well, the young man goes back to his roots in Saffron, Haryana to unearth this new single and digs deep to talk about regret. Yes… regret… that universal feeling everyone is familiar with and no-one wants to talk about.

Well, Badal’s talking, and here’s what he had to share…

Badal: Rap isn’t about dissing, it’s about expressing

How personal is Afsos to you?

Afsos is very personal to me as it speaks a lot about my experiences. I have tried to keep it as real as I can. The writing process was simple as the song was about the realities of life and the same goes for everyone of us. Everyone has regrets about not doing a particular thing they wished to do. The song speaks about that.

You’ve never referenced Safidon before. Why now?

Back then, I didn’t mention Safidon because I used to sing in different languages (English, Hindi and Punjabi). But then, I realised my people in Safidon didn’t understand English and connect with my singing, so I knew I was supposed to stick to my roots. That’s why in my latest song Afsos, I tried to mention Safidon in order to stay connected to my roots.

If you could go back in time and do one thing differently (or not do something you now regret), what would it be?

Currently, if you ask me, I won’t want to go back in time.  I have really worked hard and today, I am satisfied with the work I am doing. I’m not regretful, but excited for the future.

Do you see yourself as a full-time rapper… say in one year’s time?

I have always tried to be versatile. I try to sing, rap and produce. I am looking forward to being more on the experimental side of music. I aim to create and curate rap.

How much of a hustle do upcoming rappers have to be prepared for, according to you?

For me and another rapper overcoming the fear of competition within, is more important. I want to bring more and more meaningful lyrics and music to the table. Rap isn’t about dissing it’s about expressing. There are very exciting and talented rappers out, but for everyone, it’s better to compete within. 

How is the lockdown treating you? How have you been spending your time at home?

I don’t go out a lot. I’m not very social. Lockdown is treating me pretty much the same, I used to be in my studio making music day and night before the lockdown and that’s what I’m doing right now.

Do you see money and fame not help getting over past regrets?

Yes. Money and fame can distract you and help get over the past regrets, but it can’t change the reality. Whatever you have done, you will always be remembered for. So its more important on doing the right things and not getting behind money and fame only. 

What’s coming next from Safidon Ka Chhora?

I am working on few things to get more music to the table. There are few thing lined up in process.

Watch Afsos here:


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