bandook Premiere: Subhi’s In My Way (GOLDHOUSE Remix)

By Bryan Durham - February 19, 2021

Indo-American singer-songwriter Subhi has been releasing her Hindi singles for some time now, but her more recent offerings have been in English — In My Way and Wake Me Up being some of the more recent ones.

bandook Premiere: Subhi’s In My Way (GOLDHOUSE Remix)

She says she plans to release her EP later this year and the well-received In My Way will feature on it. For now, she is all set to release a remix version of the single. For this, she has collaborated with known DJ-producer GOLDHOUSE.

She says of the genesis of the collaboration, “I loved Goldhouse’s remix of Billie Ellish’s Ocean Eyes. I was  playing it on repeat for weeks. When I was thinking of creating a remix for In My Way, he  was the first producer that came to mind. I reached out to him and he really liked the  song. He transformed this chill, mellow track into an upbeat, pumped up number. It was  wonderful working with him.”

Subhi has successfully and continuously created and released  music during the entirety of the pandemic lockdown. Subhi says “Every dark cloud has a  silver lining. Last year, as we went into lockdown, I was compelled to reflect and reset my  personal and professional priorities. It has been fascinating to see how my pregnancy and  my EP release have complimented each other. My pregnancy gave me a heightened sense  of purpose that is reflected in the stories I tell in the EP. These past few months have been  my most productive months. I recorded 5 songs, created 3 music videos, did 2 photo shoots  and planned my debut EP release. I have realised that we, as women, are much stronger  and more determined than we think.” 

True that! More power to you, Subhi! Watch the video premiere here…


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