Bhanga Bangla’s Borof’s all about the ice, but not the one you’re thinking about

By Bandook - June 22, 2019

It’s time to introduce Bhanga Bangla, a Bangladeshi crew straight out of Los Angeles. Why? Well, for one, the shock-rap collective have released their fifth single, Borof, via Sony Music’s hip-hop focused imprint, AWAAZ.

Bhanga Bangla comprises of three brothers of Bangladeshi origin: Ivory Shakur, 41X, & Young Prince. The self-professed ‘first Bangladeshi trap group’ has a fresh sound that’s equal parts edgy and sticky.

And yes, that’s not just because of their image as no-holds-barred rappers, who don’t hold back when it comes to spitting rhymes.

Safe to say, you can’t watch this with your parents because of the rather explicit lyrics, but we agree with the trio when they say, “Borof is fun, Borof is cold, Borof is us.”

What should you expect from the video? “Borof is fun, Borof is cold, Borof is us. We literally had a blast shooting this video”, say the brothers.

Bhanga Bangla’s Borof’s all about the ice, but not the one you’re thinking about
A still from Borof

Growing up alongside artists from all walks of life in Los Angeles, the three brothers started out making music for a number of musicians before deciding to band together and work on music that represents who they truly are.

The group is well-known for their music videos, and Borof doesn’t disappoint when it comes to eye-catching visuals. Shot like an action movie, the video was directed by Kyle Morgan, a seasoned professional who connected with the artists right from the start of their journey. 

Produced by 41X and Ivory Shakur, Borof found support from Chicago-born Indian producer, Peter Pradeep Madana, who engineered the record. 


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