#BharatWinsYouTube: T-Series is now the most subscribed channel in the world!

By Bryan Durham - March 27, 2019

T-Series (FINALLY) wins the half-year battle against PewDiePie’s ‘nine-year-old army’

#BharatWinsYouTube: T-Series is now the most subscribed channel in the world!

Their first reign might have lasted all of eight minutes, followed by a single minute, but this time, T-Series has conclusively taken the lead in the T-Series vs PewDiePie battle for the ‘Most Subscribers’ crown, that has been raging on YouTube for some time now. At the time of writing this, the music label’s channel is 25,000 subscribers ahead of PewDiePie.

The real battle, according to most YouTubers wasn’t so much about the names in the battle themselves, but rather ‘Creators vs Corporates’.

While both sides have been working up their followers, PewDiePie (real name: Felix Kjelberg) has made several videos on the ‘feud’ and even wrote a song called Bitch Lasagna around it. T-Series maintained a stony silence until they were within hitting distance and finally, the Indian record label’s head honcho’s appeal to #MakeBharatWinYouTube hit home. Bhushan Kumar had put this message, which PewDiePie then responded to…

Desperate or not, the win is here and like ’em or loathe them, T-Series is the new king of YouTube. The corporates have won, for now.


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