By A Fan, For Fandoms: Blogger Tanvi Palan creates Instagram Filters on-demand

By Bryan Durham - June 18, 2020

In our three-odd years of existence, we’ve found several friends across fandoms of best-selling artists.  However, few have gone on to impress us with their personalities in spite of their young age. Yes, they stan their fav idols, but have a life beyond that as well.

One such person we came across was 19-year-old Mumbaikar and B.A. student Tanvi Palan. A die-hard fan of Darshan Raval, she’s also a content creator and blogger on Instagram for a couple of years now (check her daily hacks on organic skincare and fashion at @voguish_belief). She also is a freelance graphic designer and the co-founder of her family’s light and sound business.

By A Fan, For Fandoms: Blogger Tanvi Palan creates Instagram Filters on-demand

A fan of Raval since his Raw Star days, she declares, “I undoubtedly stan Darshan Raval as my inspiration and idol for moulding me into whatever I am today! I feel so grateful that I got to know this beautiful human in 2014 and he has only inspired me since then! May it be believing in oneself or spreading love & joy, he’s a pure soul inside out!”

Well, the reason we’re talking about this bright young girl is because she’s also now an Instagram Filter creator (self-taught at that!). We asked her what led her down that road?

Her answer? “So, It was just another day while I was scrolling through Instagram and I came across some really cool filters which made me curious about how people made them. I figured it out after spending an entire day on YouTube and started off. At the outset, I was very clear about one thing. If I ever started off, doing this, I’d definitely make one for my idol Darshan. The #SpreadLove filter is a gesture to appreciate him for all the unconditional love he gives us!”

That sparked off a flurry of requests from Shirley Setia and Amaal’s fandoms. “They approached me requesting to make filters for them, which I eventually thought would be a great plan to bring all the fandoms closer to each other and would only do good to everyone!!”

As an observer of fandoms, it’s rare to see such love and feeling of community between fandoms. We bring this up. She shares how she contributes to this, “If we talk about online activities, I do a blog-talk every weekend for my audience wherein they suggest a topic of their interest or any topic which is disturbing their mental peace. I come forward to address those issues and voice out my opinions about those topics and spread a positive vibe which brings my online family together! The whole filter idea was to bring all the communities/fandoms together & become stronger!”

She continues, “Talking about offline activities, #BlueFamily (Darshaners also call themselves this), #Amaalians & #TeamShirley have come together and done a number of community-building activities in the past — some of them being, visiting orphanages, helping the students of commercial sex workers by building a playground for them, helping cancer patients and so much more!”

We covered one of those activities. You can read about it here

Ask her what the best thing about being part of a fandom is and she says, “Being a part of any fandom itself is the best thing! People from all over the world get connected only and only due to one artist, which is a beauty in itself! How cool is it to have a friend, a person to share much more than just fangirl moments, a person to rely on, in every state and every part of the world only and only because of one artist!”

Coming back to the possibility of different fandoms getting along, she responds, “ Of course it is! I strongly believe in togetherness and in the motto. ‘Together, we grow stronger’. In fact, the main motive of making #TeamShirley and #Amaaalians filter was to bring all the fandoms together & #SpreadLove as Darshan always says! . Recently, #SidNaaz’s fandom (Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill’s fan collective) has also been a great support to the #BlueFamily & I’m so delighted seeing this new era of unity and positivity!”

You can check out some of Tanvi’s Instagram filters here:

Darshan Raval’s #SpreadLove filter 

Shirley Setia’s #TeamShirley filter

Amaal Malik’s #Amaalian filter 

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