Coldplay’s Chris Martin gave Shah Rukh Khan a shout-out!

By Bryan Durham - March 11, 2019

Coldplay ‘s Chris Martin put out something of a shocker on Twitter earlier today. And we say ‘shocker’ because… well… the signs were there… but still.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin gave Shah Rukh Khan a shout-out!


Well, everybody loves Shah Rukh Khan. Superstar or commoner, he is everyone’s darling. Spend time with him once and he’ll make you feel like you’ve known him forever. That’s a given.

What’s also a given, is that Chris Martin is something of a recluse when it comes to sharing his emotions with the world. On social media, all we see from Coldplay are tour photos and performance updates.

It was only in January this year that Chris started putting out a list of his favorite tracks.

Prior to this, he only put a list of his favorite performances in December 2017.

Before that, a shout-out in September 2017.

Dua Lipa got a shout-out in June 2017…

Another list of recommendations in March 2017

Which is all fine, until you consider this. Chris writes these personal notes rarely. He tweets once a month or once in two months. He only ever initials these notes when he is recommending tracks or artists.

He has NEVER, at least, never in our memory, ever given an Indian superstar a shout-out. At least not out of the blue like this.

Yes, Sonam Kapoor featured in Hymn For The Weekend. But that was that. What she got out of it was all-access passes to their concerts, for life.

Coldplay came to India once before for their performance at the Global Citizen Festival in November 2016 (apart from that visit to Delhi). At the time, SRK had held an after-party and called all of Bollywood to meet Chris.

But that was ages ago. And as far as we recall, very few pictures of them together even exist. This one exists, thanks to the Maharashtra CM’s wife Amruta Fadnavis.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin gave Shah Rukh Khan a shout-out!

This time, Chris wants you and the world to know about his love for Shah Rukh. So, what changed? Any thoughts?

Well, here’s ours, the two possibly reconnected at one of the pre-wedding bashes of Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta.

Either way, this was SRK’s reaction to the outpouring of love from Chris…



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