Daboo Malik vouches for this new singer!

By Bandook - July 15, 2019

Indian music director, composer, singer, actor and scriptwriter (and Armaan aur Amaal ke papa) Daboo Malik believes in giving new talent their due exposure. Yes, there are talent hunts galore for that, but Daboo feels that not everyone from talent hunts get a chance to work with the best in the industry.

He is of the opinion that many people turn up in the city to pursue their dream of being a musician by taking support of reality shows, but end up not making it big since they cannot connect to the right audience. Daboo wants to give these artists a platform to give them a chance to showcase their work and connect them with the right audiences.

One of the artist Malik Sr believes in, is an Indian Pop/RnB artist known simply as Nikita, who was raised in Mumbai. She has lent her vocals and lyrics for Grammy award winning producer RedOne, platinum selling producer Russel Steedle (which garnered attention from Atlantic and Capitol Records). This singer-songwriter brings a south-Asian twist on the genre, creating space for a people largely underrepresented.

She grew up between two worlds: one, her family’s deep ties to Indian Classical and old Bollywood music. Her sound aims to blend the two worlds together. Daboo mentions, “Together, her debut single Honest and the following, Exodus, have garnered half a million plays on Spotify alone.”


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