Darshan Raval CAN dance, saala!

By Bryan Durham - September 6, 2019

In case you were ever in doubt, Darshan Raval CAN rock those dancing shoes. If he showed off a few moves with Do Din, he’s in full-blown latkejhatke-matke mode in his latest single Dil Mera Blast, released via Indie Music Label.

A festive/party track, it’s attention-grabbing in the sense that he’s never had an independent single that’s been this massy, this Bollywood-leaning, this all-out glamorous.

And yes, he dances like there’s no tomorrow. There’s quite a bit of baarish and yeah, the guy’s having quite a blast as he belts out what may quickly turn out to be one of his biggest hits.

Darshan Raval CAN dance, saala!
Heli Daruwala and Darshan Raval in a still from Dil Mera Blast

Heli Daruwala plays the love interest who does precious little apart from look pretty and dance along.

DMB builds a strong case for Bollywood producers to look at Darshan as potential hero material for big-ticket films.

Adil Shaikh deserves full marks for making an already delightful track look like a dhamakedaar one as well.

Javed-Mohsin’s composition feels a bit derivative, but gets the job done competently. Danish Sabri keeps the Hinglish wordplay inventive, fun and fuss-free.

And yes, it’s been proved that DR can dance, saala. In case, you know… you were ever in doubt!


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