Darshan Raval’s Kaash Aisa Hota is a haunting breakup song…

By Bryan Durham - March 22, 2019

SONG: Kaash Aisa Hota


This is the first of 14 original compositions created specially for Darshan Raval’s show Dil Beats on MTV Beats, where he plays a ‘Love Dost’. As a millennial himself, he will offer solutions to love problems while keeping things realistic and relatable.


This song takes no prisoners. Love hurts and it hurts bad and it’s either aar ya paar in this case. The aag ka dariya is all-consuming and this song tells the story of someone failing to get past a breakup and move on. 

The opening verses, the interludes and second half of this haunting melody feel universal and personal at the same time.


Directed by Dhruwal Patel, the video sees Darshan finding some alone-time as he ponders over a breakup, trying to forget the woman (Karishma Sharma as a rather unconvincing philanderer) who broke his spirit and led him down a dark path. 

Darshan loses in love in this video, and for the first time portrays a character who’s a failure in love, makes bad decisions and probably doesn’t care that his life’s taken a downward spiral. The singer has had music videos featuring breakups in the past, but this would be a first where the path he takes will leave you with a sucker punch to your gut.

While the acting by Darshan makes you wonder why he hasn’t got a Bollywood role yet, the video feels limited by the rather straight-laced storyline. The premise could have been better layered.

bandook VERDICT

We love the music, the lyrics and the rendition. We just feel that the video itself could have been a bit more nuanced.

Stream Kaash Aisa Hota HERE.


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