Dear Jacob, grow up first!

By Oojal Kour Dhanjal - May 14, 2018

Dear Jacob, grow up first!

Up With It aims for cuteness with adulting, but makes you wonder if this could’ve been done a few years down the line

A wedding singer at 15? Well, that should be child’s play for Viner and YouTuber Jacob Sartorius by now. That’s just what he wants to make you feel like, while watching him do his thing in the video to his single Up With It.

“‘Up With It’ is basically about wearing your feelings on your sleeve and not being ashamed to tell that special someone how they make you feel,” Sartorius has told Billboard. “We wrote this song a while back — I was really in my feelings about a certain girl and I just didn’t care about telling her exactly how I felt.”

But you have to question it when a fifteen-year-old croons “nothing compares to when you when you call me baby” and “No, I’m not ashamed to say I’m feeling some type of way, my heart’s dripping over my feet.” It may be crafted to sound like a mature-for-his-age output, but hey, wouldn’t it have made more sense having something like Michael Bublé’s Baby It’s Cold Outside than to have a 15-year-old sing for a room full of adults?

Also, singing about forever love with a “special one” at that age? You’ve got your life ahead of you, buddy! And we’re sure Millie Bobby Brown loves you back and is disregarding those cheating rumours. In any case, while the video seems a little outlandish, the song is catchy and reminiscent of Justin Bieber’s Baby, released eight years ago.

One publication once predicted, he’d be the next JB. Come to think of it, given the drama, it might just be coming true.


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