Did Jasmin Walia’s ‘Sahara’ get sahara from INNA’s ‘Gimme Gimme’…

By Oojal Kour Dhanjal - May 18, 2018


Did Jasmin Walia’s ‘Sahara’ get sahara from INNA’s ‘Gimme Gimme’…

Did Jasmin Walia’s ‘Sahara’ get sahara from INNA’s ‘Gimme Gimme’…

And slight inspiration from Swag Se Swagat?

British-Indian singer, Jasmin Walia, best known for her collaboration with Zack Knight on the monster hit Bom Diggy, is back with her new single, Sahara, produced by Zack. And staying true to the title, she has taken “sahara” from other songs.

An Arabian-beat heavy track, Sahara’s music video was released a couple of days ago along with the track. And right away, listeners and viewers of the video began noticing similarities between the opening segment of the song and Tiger Zinda Hai’s Swag Se Swagat. A little later, when the drop comes, is when the less obvious inspiration drops.

When the drop comes (and we bet you haven’t figured this one out), as one alert listener pointed out to us, it sounds starkly similar to the one in Inna’s ‘Gimme Gimme’, a track that dropped around a year ago.

The resemblance is there. But is it shocking? Hardly!


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