DID YOU KNOW: T-Series “won” YouTube once already?

By Bryan Durham - March 7, 2019

Very briefly, but we believe that they’ve tasted blood and that’s why Bhushan Kumar posted a video yesterday asking Indians to make sure #BharatWinsYouTube

DID YOU KNOW: T-Series “won” YouTube once already?

Bhushan Kumar has played his cards quite close to the chest in the seemingly never-ending battle between Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie and Bhushan’s record label T-Series’ YouTube channel. But now he has revealed his hand. Urging Indians to come together to make an Indian YouTube channel the most subscribed ever, he put out a tweet that said:

We’re on the brink of becoming the world’s biggest @YouTube channel. We can make history. We can make India win. Subscribe to @TSeries#BharatWinsYouTube bit.ly/TSeriesYouTube

Bhushan Kumar

To which PewDiePie (real name: Felix Kjelberg) promptly replied, “They are getting desperate.”

But hey, let’s not forget that for all of eight minutes, T-Series was the most subscribed channel on YouTube. And NOBODY noticed.

But it did happen!

The battle between the two channels, several months in, saw a new victor in the Bollywood music video channel for the first time on Friday, February 22.

That new reign didn’t last too long, as the “nine-year-old army” fought back and got PewDiePie back on his throne.

“For roughly 8 minutes, as a result of a YouTube audit, T-Series was ahead of PewDiePie (by a max of about 2000 [subscribers]),” a spokesperson with the social media analytics company SocialBlade confirmed in a statement to Mashable.

That “audit”, which ensures that stats, video views and channel subscriber counts are accurate and reflect real, actual users saw PewDiePie lose 20,000 subscribers at one go.

PewDiePie had been king of YouTube since December 22, 2013 until that moment.

As things stand, both channels now have 88 million plus subscribers each with a 47,200-odd subscriber difference between them.

With T-Series going on the offensive for the first time in this battle, who will finally prevail?

Well, we’re sure T-Series tasted blood with those eight minutes and that’s what prompted Bhushan to put out that video yesterday.


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