DIVINE revealed details about new album today…

By Bryan Durham - June 24, 2019

And Ranveer Singh was there for all of it during an Instagram Live

DIVINE went live on Instagram today to promote an upcoming documentary on him called Gully Life. The hip-hop superstar ended up divulging more about an album release via his Gully Gang Records.

DIVINE revealed details about new album today…

Emphasising that the music he puts out should be “timeless”, he wants to release new music only when he’s ready to put it out into the world. 

Sharing information about the tracks on the album, he named a few: Kohinoor, Gandhi Money, Gully Life, Remand, Too Tired and Chal Bombay.

Actor Ranveer Singh, who played a hip-hop artist in Bollywood film Gully Boy, was also present during the live, throwing one-liners consistently into the mix. 

DIVINE revealed details about new album today…

DIVINE also revealed that he had written a woman-centric song for the first time. He shared that singer Sid Sriram would be a featuring artist on one of the tracks on his album.

During the live, he also gave a shout-out to Spitfire (real name: Nitin Mishra), whose EP Paathshala drops tomorrow morning.

He also ensured that the other rappers present with him — Sammohit, Frenzy, Saifan and Sledge — had ample opportunities to spit their rhymes. 


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