DIVINE’s Kohinoor is a rager and flies with the punches

By Bryan Durham - September 16, 2019

DIVINE’s Kohinoor is a rager and flies with the punches

DIVINE, the OG Gully Boy, has released the title track of his upcoming debut album Kohinoor, his first since signing with Mass Appeal India, in collaboration with Universal Music Group. 

Anyone familiar with his journey, knows how a diamond in the rough got to becoming the Kohinoor of the underground (and now, mainstream) hip-hop scene. And that rootedness of being is still very much a running theme with Vivian Fernandes aka DIVINE. 

That much is apparent in the fact that the video is shot in the same gully where his first Hindi rap video was shot. 

Directed by Panini Priyesh Pandey and JD (aka Joel D’Souza), the video shot completely in black-and-white, underlines the grittiness, underscores the fire that has made him who he is.

There’s a callout to doubters, haters and such as well as a shoutout to his mother, another running theme in his verse.

Kohinoor (the track) is the recap to DIVINE’s journey, in case you were late to the Gully Gang party.

At this point in life, he stands poised for global stardom with Nas firmly in his corner. And while the punches come in thick with Kohinoor — a bit laboured at first — they hit home each time.


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