Elle Fanning wants to be a pop star

By Bandook - April 22, 2019

Elle Fanning wants to be a pop star

We’e all seen Teen Spirit, Maleficent and We Bought a Zoo, and do remember the very beautiful Elle Fanning from these films. She has now shared that it’s her dream to be a pop star! (It’s ours as well)

Fanning, who’s been a huge music fan since her youth (she just turned 21, BTW), recently said that “It’s definitely crossed my mind. That’s not out of the question and I feel like I did get a taste of maybe what pop stars go through with the performance element because also there would be days where I would have to just sing like the song 30 times,” reports femalefirst.co.uk

Her first ever concert experience was at the age of 9, at a Gwen Stefani concert in Budapest. “It was totally insane. I danced probably harder than I’ve ever danced. Like, my little body, I was so sweaty. I remember I was just like throwing myself. It was crazy,” she said

We can’t agree less with Elle, we all have the same dream, hoping for it to come true one day! What say, peeps?


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