‘Fever Dream’ rivals the intensity of real-life – Dualist Inquiry

By Bandook - May 18, 2018

‘Fever Dream’ rivals the intensity of real-life – Dualist Inquiry

Electronica producer Dualist Inquiry on his latest track

It’s been a while since one heard music by Sahej Bakshi aka Dualist Inquiry. Eighteen months, give or take. Then, in quick succession, he dropped Mayday and Fever Dream.

The Delhi-based electronica producer released the track on his own label Dualism Records. Citing the lack of an “irrepressible urge/need to express something”, he says, “After my last release in 2016, I took a step back and decided to not write any new music…”

Explaining his return, he says of the two new tracks, “Mayday and Fever Dream are two chapters from a larger body of work that draws from personal experience. Fever Dream attempts to capture the vividness of
a wild dream, one that rivals the intensity of a real-life experience. I used bells, voices, found sound samples and a variety of synthesisers to stitch together a glitchy, crowded and a fast-moving tapestry of sounds. You’ll find samples of children playing, adults fighting, the sound of a forest at night and a variety of electronic items being destroyed.”

Have you heard the track yet?

Here it is:



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