From Kannur With Love

By Oojal Kour Dhanjal - May 8, 2018

From Kannur With Love

Mali’s ‘Play’ is bandook’s Wow Of Week video

Maalavika Manoj aka Mali’s latest track ‘Play’ is out and we’re in love. It’s a love letter of sorts to her grandfather MC Rammohan. It all started when her sister showed her pictures taken of her grandfather, from times in his band.

Go to her official website ( She narrates how her grandfather always played the harmonica. How he is a vivid entertainer and had a huge influence on Mali during her growing years. He is not from Kannur in Kerala, but he felt a strong connection to the place and a certain kind of identity. He would chat with Mali about his times and would compare the differences between the life of a musician in the 1950s and an independent musician today.
The song came into existence when he asked her to come to Kerala for a weekend. She went to Kannur to shoot the video for a song. The more time she spent with her grandfather, the more she realised that he was truly someone who had left a deep impression on her.

This song sets a foundation for relationships we let go of these days with those who have seen the world and struggle longer than we have. It shows the nature of a relationship between two people of different generations and how there is so much to learn from each other.

This song is truly what our generation needs as it is a fresh change from our regular party behaviour and drama. It is perfect, in every word and emotion that flies out of it.

Watch the video here:



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