Golmaal Again | Music Review

By Bryan Durham - October 10, 2017

Golmaal Again | Music Review - Bandook

Golmaal Again
Music: Amaal MallikThaman S, Lijo George & DJ CHETAS
Lyrics: Kumaar – lyricist

Rating: 2/5

1. Golmaal Title Track: Brijesh Shandilya and Aditi Singh Sharma bring life to an otherwise lacklustre, vapid track by S Thaman that has massy appeal, but is rather ordinary, by Bollywood measures.
2. Maine Tujhko Dekha: Said this before, will say it again. Unnecessary re-invention of Ishq’s #NeendChurayiMeri. Amaal is so much better with his original stuff. Can’t find anything good to say about this track featuring the vocals of #NeerajSridhar and Sukriti Kakar.
3. Itna Sannata Kyun Hai: The head-scratcher of the lot. This track starts out promisingly. Likeable to the point that the unmistakably familiar hook kicks in. Why did #LijoGeorge and #DJChetas feel the need to be influenced by PSY‘s #Gentleman hookline?
4. Hum Nahi Sudhrenge: Let’s take a poll. If you had to pick a song from this list whose words you can recall a week from now, whose tune you can hum easily, which one will you pick (remakes don’t countGolmaal Again | Music Review?)? This song is young, vibrant, has Armaan Malik‘s vocals featuring on it with his brother. It helps that it has an anthemic vibe, too. Kumaar, too, does a better job with the Mallik boys.

What we think: As a whole, Golmaal Again fails to hold you. It’s disappointingly bland, monotonous and too safe-leaning for its own good. And when one track does the heavy lifting for you, will you really go pick up the album?


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