Guess who made Hrithik Roshan’s dream come true?

By Bandook - May 22, 2018

Guess who made Hrithik Roshan’s dream come true?

Vidya Vox, that’s who!

We always knew Hrithik Roshan had an ear for music and this picture has proved it. Guess who’s Vidya Vox’s biggest fan? Hrithik!

No, we’re not bluffing. #Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan confessed that he is a fan of Indo-American singer and YouTube sensation Vidya Vox. He even shared a photograph of himself with Vidya.

He posted the picture on Instagram with this caption, “Ladies and gentlemen, Vidya Vox is in the house! My house! What do I say, I’m such a fan. Thank you for the music, Vidya Vox. Was wonderful meeting you and Shankar (Tucker).”

And obviously, Vidya was on cloud nine after finding out that the Greek God is a fan. She wrote, “When dreams come true! Hrithik you are the best and I cannot believe I got to hang with you! Still on cloud nine!”

Vidya Vox is a famous Youtuber who mixes western pop, electronic dance music, and Indian classical music. Her popular mashups include “Closer/Kabira”, “Lean On” and “Jind Mahi”.
Hope she convinces him to sing along for a possible future collaboration! Maybe even for Super30?


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