Gully Boy’s Mere Gully Mein is a somewhat faithful ‘re-creation’

By Bryan Durham - January 22, 2019

Ranveer Singh is back at it, rapping his way through the streets of Mumbai for his upcoming film, Gully Boy.

The third single of Gully Boy is the re-creation of Divine and Naezy’s monster hit Mere Gully Mein.

As is public knowledge, this was the song that propelled the two Mumbai rappers into the big league.

Gully Boy’s Mere Gully Mein plays out like a glimpse into the making of the original track, as Siddhant Chaturvedi slips into Divine’s skin and Ranveer into Naezy’s.

The video is slickly shot and plays out in the eponymous gullies of Mumbai.

And if you thought this was set in the Kurla slums (where Divine and Naezy were from), you’re mistaken. A clear indication is given in the changed lyrics.

Listen carefully for the part where the location is mentioned. You’ll realise immediately that this film is set not in Kurla, but Dharavi (Mumbai 17).

That apart, it’s a somewhat faithful (with added flourishes) re-creation (visually as well) that gives you a glimpse of the city’s street hip-hop culture.

While Ranveer sings this one as well, he has Divine and Naezy for company here and it’s easy to see that that makes all the difference.

Check out the video here:


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