Guru Randhawa keeps the romance real in Ishq Tera, starring Nushrat Bharucha

By Bryan Durham - September 5, 2019

Guru Randhawa keeps the romance real in Ishq Tera, starring Nushrat Bharucha
Nushrat Bharucha and Guru Randhawa in a still from Ishq Tera

The small-town do-gooder, big-dreamer hopeless romantic doesn’t always get the girl of his dreams. And that’s just how life goes. The video for Guru Randhawa’s Ishq Tera brings that reality to roost.

For the first time in a very long time, a video featuring Guru, sees him in India. This will be the second time in recent memory that he plays a cab driver (the first being Made In India).

But those statistics aside, it also marks a departure from the dance tracks he’s become synonymous with. It shows off a romantic bent that feels new and fresh.

Not quite Raja Hindustani (that would demand a proper film, or a series of videos in the very least), it follows a similar trope that love can happen at first sight (so what if it’s only one-sided, in this case), that shared moments of closeness and fleeting glances translate into a lasting connection.

IRL, it does not. But what works for this video is that being in touch with reality. That unrequited love is a very real thing. That you could be a walking-talking charmer and still be friendzoned.

Those contrasts work nicely into the lyrics as well and Guru displays some maturity in the writing of the song and some of the contrasts mentioned work out beautifully. Some of the tender moments get accentuated with the right flourishes.

Guru roughs it and makes a strong case for a turn to more romantic numbers to follow.


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