Hey Zayn, that was a Swift move!

By Bandook - April 9, 2018

Hey Zayn, that was a Swift move! - Bandook

Hey Zayn, that was a Swift move!
Singer deletes all Instagram posts a la Taylor Swift. Leaves just one Bollywood-esque video standing (currently at 3mn views!)

In a move reminiscent of Taylor Swift, ahead of the release of ‘reputation’, Zayn Malik has deleted all his Instagram posts.

Yes, this has happened! And so soon after getting rid of all his photos with Gigi on the social media platform, too! Don’t know if he’s trying to pull off a “Look What You Made Me Do”, but it sure feels that way.

Zayn has, however, left one post up. It’s the teaser of the music video of his upcoming single. No information at this point, but all clues point towards a ‘Dusk Till Dawn Part 2’-like video.

What can one expect? A lot of masala, for sure. Highlighting words like power, greed, vengeance, seduction, passion, loyalty, money, love and revenge (which is the same thing as vengeance, but hey), it starts out with Zayn looking out at a pier and ends with the line ‘begins 04.12.18’ and has the date as the caption as well.

The teaser contains a rapid-cut montage of beautiful locales and women along with fistfights and more. As good as a Bollywood showreel as they come.

Anybody feel like signing Zayn up for a full-length feature film?


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