HOLI 2019: When the festival of colours goes international

By Bryan Durham - March 21, 2019

These music videos love em colours so much that they’re everywhere. Some of the artists here may be celebrating Holi all the way here in India, but few have had parties in their own cities…

Take a look…

DJ Snake – Get Low       

Holiya mein ude re gulal, but only in the background because getting that colour off your skin is a b***h!

Kesha – Take It Off

Being yourself is hardcore. It’s loud, chaotic and colourfully messy. Apparently, when your true colours show, it’s a dirty free-for-all. And yeah, there’s glitter on the floor…when you TAKE IT OFF. The Holi mess starts at the halfway mark.

Coldplay – Hymn For the Weekend

Chris Martin and his band of merry gentlemen were in Mumbai to shoot this song and even decided to play a bit of Holi and shoot it, too. Starts at the 1:05 mark.

Iggy Azalea – Bounce

When Iggy came to Mumbai to go all Bollywood on our a**. In the tackiest, most NRI way possible. Shake it, break it, crash a wedding, a Holi sesh and ride an elephant for no reason. And bounce. Obviously.

Madeon – The City

A full-blown riot of colour that even sees someone use a paint bazooka on an abandoned building. This Holi is even more fun than the ones we see in real life.

Regina Spector – Fidelity

Apparently, your heart breaks, bursts into colours and you play with those colours and then you find your significant other.
PS: The ‘Holi moment is at the 3:00 minute mark.


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