Is ‘Alright’ Jain’s ‘Thug Ranjha’?

By Bandook - May 29, 2018

Is ‘Alright’ Jain’s ‘Thug Ranjha’?

Just like the AKASA track, is a rousing post-breakup anthem

JAIN’s music videos have become a benchmark of sorts for what music videos ought to be like — sharply edited, cunningly devised and breathtakingly eye-catching. You won’t stop talking about it for days or even months after you’ve seen it for the first time.

We’ve loved the French artist’s previous hits Come, Makeba, Dynabeat and now, we’re sure Alright will be another laurel for her. At this point, It’s just the lyric video that’s out, but even that has wowed us.

It’s seriously that good. This is how lyric videos ought to be made. This is how effortless they need to look like.

Especially, when you need a pick-me-up song to nurse those breakup blues. Alright is simple, it’s effective, it’s sassy, melodic and relatable AF.

Dalkhafine, the video director, needs to take a bow. Each frame is carefully crafted and each viewing feels like you’re noticing something new for the first time. And that voice!!

Also, if you’ve been paying attention to the lyrics, don’t you think it’s playing pretty much the same sentiment as pop princess Akasa’s Thug Ranjha?

Both tracks are dead serious about putting oneself above everything else, including letting go of a relationship that’s doing nothing for you and moving on.

So what we’re saying is this. It is the one track and music video that made us go wow this week. Go watch it here:


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