Is Badshah beating Yo Yo Honey Singh by a mile with each release?

By Bryan Durham - January 9, 2019

There used to be a time when rapper/producer Yo Yo Honey Singh ruled Bollywood. He was in the flow, churning out hit after hit.

And then, just as inexplicably as he had risen to dizzying fame, he fell. Hard. Rumours followed, before he confessed to suffering from bipolar disorder and alcoholism. While he began his return to sobriety and the hits with the crutches of re-creations, he took his time before appearing in, creating and releasing Makhna. If you’re reading this, you already know what we thought of the track.

We’re not the sort of people to pick on someone when their chips are down. Because let’s face it, Honey’s never were. Despite being “absent”, he was always present “via proxy” in some way or the other.

So here’s the thing. We won’t beat around the bush any longer and say it loud and clear. At this point in life, Badshah’s living his best life and releasing the best music.

Case in point, his output over the last three years. He’s been responsible for some of the biggest hits in Bollywood, singlehandedly churning hit after hit (much like YYHS before him) with none of the fatigue and drama that came as excess baggage with his former Mafia Mundeer associate.

Most recently, his video for She Move It Like featuring Warina Hussain was the talk of the town. Exquisitely shot and with stellar production values, it made news for all the right reasons.

Makhna is an eyesore and earsore. She Move It Like is neither. If anything, it grows on you with each listen.

Maybe, YYHS needs to pull up his socks, hit the treadmill and lighten up on the protein to keep up with the getting-fitter-by-the-day Badshah.

Because, this round clearly goes to Badshah, by total knockout.


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