Is Madonna’s album ‘Magic’ finally happening? Here’s what we know…

By Bryan Durham - January 22, 2019

Madonna’s upcoming album, widely rumoured to be titled ‘Magic’, might be just around the corner. The internet seems to be abuzz, thanks to this Instagram post…

Working with producers Airways and Mike Dean, the pop diva, 60, revealed a new look — she sported a curly black wig with a face full of makeup and captioned the pic: “Getting ready for the Super Blood Wolf Moon”.

Now, regardless, there’s quite a lot of buzz around her upcoming album. She was in the process of doing final mixes in November and promised a 2019 release in an interview.

Here’s what we can tell you about it, based on reports so far…

  • The album is most probably titled Magic.
  • The raven-haired look may be for a new music video being shot in Lisbon.
  • The album is expected to “merge pop music with Portuguese and African rhythms.”
  • Madonna fans insist she shared names of 15 tracks she was mixing before quickly realising that she had. Some websites have even put a disclaimer that the tracklisting might change.
  • She will be working with Portuguese singer Dino D’Santiago on the new album.

In any case, let us know what you think of her new look. Mail us at [email protected]


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