“It was a choice between ‘Nikhil’ and ‘D’Souza’”

By Bandook - April 27, 2018

“It was a choice between ‘Nikhil’ and ‘D’Souza’”

The singer-songwriter on his name change and the change in direction of his music

It’s just Nikhil now. Let’s get that out of the way. He’s dropped the last name for professional reasons. It’s just as well. Feels a little more intimate to get to know a singer-songwriter that way.

Especially, one whose unique voice has been the reason he found love, both in Bollywood and Indian indie circles.

But man didn’t just stop there. The boy from Versova signed on with East West Records, a subsidiary of Warner Music UK. With the label behind him, he is all set to drop an album later this year.

He has been working on producing new music for some time now and his efforts will come to fruition sometime later this year. He debuted new material at an intimate listening session earlier this week and at a gig at The Quarter, a couple of nights ago. If his lead single ‘Silver And Gold’ (S&G is on heavy rotation in the UK) and ‘Beautiful Mind’ are any indication (we’re not telling you about the rest!), good things are headed your way.
We spoke about S&G, the making of the video, spooky explorations at the Jawhar Palace where the video was shot, the inspirations behind the track and more importantly, why there’s a name change.


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