It’s ‘Do Din’ next for Darshan Raval

By Bryan Durham - September 5, 2018

That’s the title of his new #HappyLove single

It’s ‘Do Din’ next for Darshan Raval

With back-to-back hits, both in Bollywood and the independent music space, pop sensation Darshan Raval is all set to release his latest independent single, Do Din.

His social media has been abuzz with his friends and his fans, the Darshaners urging him to work on a #HappyLove song, given that his hits have largely come from sad songs.

We can now reveal that his new single Do Din (to be released next week), is a fun song with a dance groove that will bring an instant smile to your face and will make you want to get up and dance.

Written by Kunaal Vermaa and composed by Darshan Raval , the song will be shot in Mumbai’s iconic Liberty theatre.

Says Darshan,” I cant believe how everyone around wants me to work on a happy love song. I always thought I am the master of sad love, so now with this feedback, I am working and trying to change the way I think. Get ready for a love song that will add an extra beat to your heart 😊.”



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