John Legend’s ‘A Good Night’ is a perfect wedding song

By Bandook - April 9, 2018

John Legend’s ‘A Good Night’ is a perfect wedding song - Bandook

John Legend’s ‘A Good Night’ is a perfect wedding song
The feel-good track is the best way to start off the day, too!

Team bandook

Now here’s a song that’s going straight into the wedding playlist. John Legend’s ‘A Good Night’ ft BloodPop takes you to the dancefloor to find that special someone.

All you gotta do is sway your way in and find a partner. Of course, treating them like Tinder’s hopefuls (a la the video) won’t help your case, but if you’re persistent, the love you let go of, will come back to you.

The girl and guy meet in the video like most millennials do. And while most such hookups don’t last further than the night, the DJ (played by Legend here), ensures you think that you just met your wife.

Yeah, yeah, it’s kinda like saying he wants you to jump the queue from dating and getting to know each other bit to right around tying the knot, but think about it this way, when you know, you just know.

Legend’s ‘A Good Night’ is our #justpushplay song of the day for its inherently feel-good vibe. It’s the sort of track you gravitate to, when you’re looking for a wholesome bopper, something everyone can groove to, and in essence, have a good night at the party you’re throwing in honour of being with that special someone.

Go check it out here:


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