Justin Bieber has ONE demand before he drops his Christmas album

By Bandook - October 30, 2019

Justin Bieber has ONE demand before he drops his Christmas album

Justin Bieber has promised to release a Christmas album BEFORE Christmas, if (and it’s a very big IF) his latest post on Instagram (currently at 10.7 million likes) hits 20 million likes.

Belieber or not, that target is a long way off, even if JB has 120 million followers on Instagram and even if the latest post reached the current figure in one day).

And I’m gonna tell you why…


20 million likes is some wild social currency to pull off. An average Justin post peaks at 4-5 million likes. The ones with Hailey in them peak at 9-10 million.

His most liked post is his engagement photo with Hailey, currently at 13.4 million likes. But even that pales in comparison to the other names he intends to leave in the dust.

To get to his 20 million likes, JB has to surpass Kylie Jenner (several times, and even she hasn’t got to 20 million likes yet!), XXXTentacion (17.3 mn), Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (14.7mn), Jennifer Aniston (14.6 mn), and Selena Gomez (two images at 14.5 mn) and himself (that engagement pic we told you about?).


Technically, this isn’t impossible by a long stretch. It all depends on how badly JB fans want new music from the guy. A Christmas album is cool, but not as cool as let’s say, a JB 5 (yes, despite his second studio album being a “Christmas” release).

His fourth studio album Purpose came out four years ago. And it isn’t like the fans have been running on dry with the thirst. The guy’s last single was 10,000 Hours (With Dan+Shay), released during his wedding in September this year. He routinely collaborates with friends and superstars alike. Are they missing album-mode JB that much?


JB isn’t holding out. Read the caption: ‘Share it, like it, post it in your story. I gotta see the demand. I’m almost done, but your support will make me move faster’. Which simply means, if he doesn’t reach that figure by the time he’s expected to announce the album release, he won’t postpone it. But if he gets to the figure, he just might prepone the release.


The ‘World Record Egg’ and the Tentree post apart, every other image on the list has either been a deeply personal one or has chronicled a life event of the person posting it. The chances of a petulant 20-something getting what he wants, sets a wrong precedent.

But it also opens the doors to others like him getting into perennial clout-bragging mode. Who needs that? Then again, Kylie’s on the list and she has never gone like-begging, and she still gets the likes. So go figure!

It might just happen. How soon and by Christmas? Let’s see…


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