Justin Bieber takes #BottleCapChallenge, says ‘This is gonna be Tom Cruise’s head’

By Bryan Durham - July 9, 2019

Justin Bieber takes #BottleCapChallenge, says ‘This is gonna be Tom Cruise’s head’

Justin Bieber is in the mood to challenge Tom Cruise yet again, now that somebody convinced him he’d lose an MMA fight against the film star. Either way, that hasn’t stopped him from throwing a gauntlet (or in this case, a bottle cap) in Cruise’s direction.

It all began when Justin challenged Tom for an MMA fight and UFC getting involved to add fuel on the fire and the rest is a short-lived episode in pop culture mayhem.

With the #BottleCapChallenge doing the ‘trending’ rounds in different versions and friends and family members (and even enemies, in some cases?) being nominated, JB nominated wife Hailey and his bete noire Tom Cruise. You can even hear him in the video say, “This is gonna be Tom Cruise’s head.”

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I nominate Tom cruise and Hailey Bieber

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Yeah, it’s just JB being JB and hoping TC takes the bait. Sure seems like MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE at this point!


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