Kaam Bhaari’s infectiously catchy Ganpati Aala Re is the environmental anthem we need

By Bryan Durham - September 3, 2019

Kaam Bhaari’s infectiously catchy Ganpati Aala Re is the environmental anthem we need

Rapper Kunal Pandagale (better known as Kaam Bhaari, signed on to Ranveer Singh and Navzar Eranee’s IncInk Records) wears his heart on his rolled-up sleeve. That’s something anyone who has spent enough time will tell you. Even a fly-on-the-wall like this writer couldn’t escape his infectious energy and heartiness.

The first thing you notice about Kaam is that million-watt toothy smile that could put the bulb out of business (maybe he needs to do a toothpaste ad, soon?). Which is why when he smiles in Ganpati Aala Re, you feel warm inside (and we mean that in a good way).

But before we go on about the video, let’s tell you why it’s infectiously catchy as it is. The lyrics, written by Kaam, welcomes the elephant-god and celebrates his coming along with the coming of the rains. The prayer is more of a conversational piece with the announcement of his arrival that quickly dives into a simplistic (and rather innocent) request to provide something as basic as clean air and greenery.

The music production by RĀKHIS (Shikhar Manchanda), NUKA (Anushka Manchanda) & Shiven Panchal is second to none and if anything provides urgency and resonance to the cause Kaam is espousing (the #SaveAarey campaign).

And that’s where you get back into the video: portions have been evocatively shot in Aarey Colony, where the state government of Maharashtra has approved the felling of thousands of trees.

The collective passion for this project shows with the video being executed by ‘The IncInk Team’ and additional vocals (chorus) being provided by ‘The IncInk Family’.

As Kaam (swaggering about like a junior James Franco) asks Ganpati to grant wisdom and protection to our soldiers (one guesses he means trees or environmental activists), he does it with a smile even as he goes about making a Ganpati idol by hand.

The video ends in the heart of Aarey where an idol is placed and you instantly wonder why we didn’t make more of a noise about the issue.

Maybe, it’s time we did. Maybe the figurative ‘ant’ from Kandivali (see the artwork that first revealed him as an IncInk signing) will accomplish what few others with his reach have managed to.

Get people to sit up and do the right thing, that is. Kaam has and if his infectious energy and that smile doesn’t provoke you into action, you’re probably dead inside.


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