Kunal Kapoor’s dream is to belt out songs on stage

By Bryan Durham - March 6, 2019

Actor Kunal Kapoor is known for his brooding, studied performances, but beneath that exterior beats the heart of a singer. He conveyed this to his followers via social media recently and shared this image…

His caption says it all. “My dream is to be on stage with a mic in my hand, singing. Belting out songs to a packed audience.”

But while wishes could be horses, Kunal says his dream will be a dream. “Everyone in my family is a singer, but the singing gene, skipped me”.

Kunal Kapoor’s dream is to belt out songs on stage

And as if to underline that point, added, “I once hired a teacher, who said, ‘I can teach anyone’ and after trying for two weeks, disappeared and didn’t return my calls.”

And as if beckoning to others like him, concluded, “Any off-key but super enthusiastic singers out there?”


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