Lean On turns 4: Did you know this about the Major Lazer song?

By Bryan Durham - March 4, 2019

Lean On turns 4: Did you know this about the Major Lazer song?

March 2015 doesn’t seem that long ago. Either way that’s when Major Lazer’s Lean On released and it’s just been a juggernaut of records since for the Major Lazer, DJ Snake and MØ song.

Here are some fun facts for you about the song…


The music video, directed by Tim Erem, was shot in India and Sweden, featured all the artists, is featured on the Major Lazer album Peace Is The Mission and is the group’s first Top 40 hit.

Where was it shot? According to Wikipedia, at ND Studios, Karjat, Kaul Heritage City and Vasai. Some scene were filmed in the Gold Room of Stockholm’s Town Hall.

Diplo said in an interview, “”We made this video in India on a limited budget during a couple of off days between tour dates in India, no giant label planned it.. It was literally improvised and made up in a few hours.. Actually like 24 hours. We shot from sunrise to sunrise the next morning, it was so tiring that the dancers & everyone on set were sleeping between the takes.”

According to Diplo, “the choreography was more or less created on site and we all were just trying to learn between takes as well.”


Rihanna and Nicki Minaj were approached for the vocal sections which then went to Danish singer MØ. Diplo told Spin, it was “a blessing in disguise. [MØ] sounds better than anybody was going to sound on that record. All we want to do is make the records feel like classics, even though they’re feeling progressive and strange to a normal ear”.


It was the most streamed song in the world on Spotify within eight months of its release. It’s competition at the time? Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud.  Currently, the seventh most streamed song on Spotify.

In ten months of its release, it passed one billion views on YouTube, becoming the first EDM music video to do so.

In two years, that number grew to 2 billion views. It’s currently the 15th most viewed video on the site!

Two months after that, it became the fourth track EVER to hit 1 billion streams on Spotify


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