‘Let Me’ tell you something about ‘Entertainer’

By Bryan Durham - May 24, 2018

‘Let Me’ tell you something about ‘Entertainer’

Here’s why we think this might just be the prequel to “Let Me”

Zayn Malik keeps the intrigue going with the music video for #Entertainer, the follow-up to #LetMe.

The graininess and 5:4 aspect ratio is what marks this as decidedly different from #dusktilldawn and Let Me.

This gives rise to one theory. This could well be a story told backwards. With Entertainer being the first in order, then Let Me and lastly, Dusk Till Dawn.

Here’s why we think this. Remember when Zayn deleted his entire Instagram feed, leaving only one teaser video? At that time, one scene from that rather short teaser was starkly clear. Him standing at the pier. The last scene in the video sees him at that same pier.

Deleting his feed signified a new beginning. Maybe, just maybe, the story begins here. Maybe, the deception was intentional. Think about it.

The other way of looking at it is, in the linear narrative. But that seems unlikely. Each character in Entertainer looks younger than they do in Let Me. Forward to the events in Dusk Till Dawn and you see a much older-looking Zayn.

Either way, this has to be the weakest link of the three songs listed here. Lyrically, it’s rather straightforward. Musically, there are no highs or hooks to be had. And visually, the less said the better.

What are your thoughts?


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