‘Life hi ek joke hai’, says D’Evil

By Bryan Durham - February 4, 2020

To listen to D’Evil and watch his music videos is an experience in itself. He’s an out-and-out performer with a comedic bent to his verse. The guy brings out a joy and cheeriness one rarely sees in Indian hip-hop. In our interview with him ahead of Vh1 Listen, on which he performed, he insists he has “songs in all moods” and wants us to “maaro jhadi on the internet” a little more, but we can’t not take in the fact that he’s a whole lot of fun to interview. Here goes…

‘Life hi ek joke hai’, says D’Evil

There’s a comedic undercurrent in your music. Itne punchline laate kahaan se ho?

Life hi ek joke hai, mera bhai.

Will we ever see a song of yours that doesn’t have that masti?

It seems like y’all haven’t researched me in details. I have songs in all moods. Internet pe jhadi maaro, bhailog!

The D’Evil we see in Gully Boy is thandaa compared to the dhamakedaar real-life one. Aisa kyun?

Gully Boy was directed by Zoya Akhtar. Mere life ka director main khud hoon

Hip Hop Bajega is all about having fun while talking about issues that matter. How do you find the balance?

I’ve started taking life very lightly. Ab soch hi waisi ban gayi. Gaana apne aap nikal aata hai. Rapping is about the connection with your emotions. 

One rapper you will never collaborate with.

Someone who has pathetic social views. 

Hip Hop has been an inherently foreign concept. How ‘swadesi’ have you and your peers made it?

Hip Hop might be a foreign concept. But poetry is universal. We did poetry and spoke about real stuff. Gave us our sound.


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