‘Makhna’ is a crappy comeback by Yo Yo Honey Singh

By Bryan Durham - December 24, 2018

Let’s face it. Yo Yo Honey Singh’s Makhna proves one thing: 36 million of you are incredibly curious. After all, any “comeback” is an event to be celebrated. It’s natural to be curious about a Yo Yo Honey Singh “comeback” especially since he’s been ‘gone’ for some time now.

Truth be told, remakes and visual absences in Bollywood might have kept him “alive” in public memory, but even a single in Urvashi is no original and didn’t feature him.

A comeback, by its very definition, is a return to or an improvement on past glory. Going by the video of Makhna, this is neither. It is an eyesore, YYHS has never looked worse, Cuba has never looked worse. Daniel Duran has proved he can make a great looking place look like sh*t.

The music is ordinary, derivative and not the sort of the song that sticks in your soul, like gum on your sole.

Neha Kakkar is reduced to singing the Makhna portion in the chorus
and the lesser said about the lyrics, the better. Surprising it took three individuals to come up with this case of verbal diarrhoea (or as we say in India, mooh se tatti). Can you even call the words that act as fillers in the song, lyrics? The lone bright spark is when Yo Yo pokes fun at himself and even that’s over too soon.

So yeah, if 36 million of you let curiosity got the better of you, at least 1.4 million of you are deluded enough to think this is better than his last work (a remake, in case you have been wondering) or even his last original hits Billionaire (Baazaar) and This Party Is Over Now (Mitron). Fact is, if you like this tripe, you deserve it.

‘Makhna’ is a crappy comeback by Yo Yo Honey Singh

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