MALUMA EN INGLÉS! – Hands On Me marks MALUMA’s first track in English

By Oojal Kour Dhanjal - May 15, 2018

MALUMA EN INGLÉS! – Hands On Me marks MALUMA’s first track in English

Hands On Me marks MALUMA’s first track in English

Did we tell you how much we love Maluma. A L-O-T. An awful lot, that’s how much. And so, when he released his latest track Hands On Me, en inglés (in English), we can’t help but be over the moon.

We know Maluma as a Latin music megastar who has featured in billion-view videos, but this reggaeton phenom’s latest track is in English, sees him collaborating with BURNS and hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd.

If that by itself didn’t have global potential how about this, it’s trademark Maluma. Directed by Emil Nava, it sees the artists in fashionable attire, celebrating their luxurious life and success.

Pretty boy Maluma doesn’t even have to try looking good, it comes to him naturally. As the lyrics go, “Baby keep your hands on me/ Know that I should leave, but I just can’t leave you/ Know you feel my energy; If I took your heart, swear I didn’t mean to.”

Also, is it just us or do you think that BURNS looks a lot like Calvin Harris+ Chris Martin? Going by the expensive wine being poured all over, pearl-studded sunglasses, wads of cash and beautiful girls everywhere, one is truly in for a ride here.

Plus, there’s Maluma. Duh!


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