Marathi music gets a Spanish twist!

By Bryan Durham - July 29, 2019

Two songs go Sparathi (yes, that’s gonna be a thing, now)!

Marathi music gets a Spanish twist!
YouTube screengrab of a still from Girlfriend‘s Querida Querido

We know it’s a bit early to call it, but we’re calling it. The Marathi film industry has been bit by the Latinx bug with at least two songs that blend Marathi and Spanish finding a release in the same week.

One song Querida Querido features in the film Girlfriend while the other Un Dos Tres features in the film Ye Re Ye Re Paisa 2. The former features music by Hrishikesh-Saurabh-Jasraj while the latter has been composed by Troy-Arif. 

Both songs feature lyrics by Kshitij Patwardhan. Jasraj Joshi shares co-writing credits on the former with Kshitij. Both songs have Shalmali Kholgade as the vocalist with Jasraj joining her behind the mic on Querida Querido.

Our favourite of the two is clearly Querida Querido for some near-flawless blend of linguistically different lyrics and the more effortlessly organic sounding of the two.

We’re a bit torn about what to terms this newfangled genre of music — Sparathi or Maranish? We’re leaning towards Sparathi, though!

Marathi music gets a Spanish twist!
Artwork of Ye Re Ye Re Paisa 2 featuring the song Un Dos Tres

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