Marathi song ‘Dis Yeti’ written 7 years ago, but…

By Bryan Durham - April 6, 2018

Marathi song ‘Dis Yeti’ written 7 years ago, but… - Bandook

Marathi song ‘Dis Yeti’ written 7 years ago, but…
The beautiful song is just as contemporary; released yesterday

Bryan Durham for bandook

Before you watch ‘Dis Yeti (‘दिस येती’) from the upcoming Marathi film, ‘Nude’ (‘न्यूड’), we suggest you watch the trailer first. Or you could dive straight in, like the main protagonist does, into the thick of it all.

Either way, it’s an experience that will leave you wanting to watch more. The exquisitely shot ‘Nude’, directed by Ravi Jadhav, is a sight to behold.

But what’s really worth checking out, is ‘Dis Yeti’, a heartfelt track written, composed, sung, arranged and programmed by Sayali Khare.

The song, featuring in a Zee Studios co-production, is about how a single mom makes ends meet in the big city after leaving a village, choosing to take up an unconventional work assignment, that threatens to rip apart whatever semblance of a family life she has.

The song, ‘Dis Yeti’ has a distinctly rural flavour. Sayali admits as much, calling it “gavran (rural) Marathi”. She’s a bit caught up in recording sessions at the moment and promises to let us know more soon.

She does, however, let slip that she “wrote the song, in the midst of travelling, around seven years ago.” If that’s the case, one has to hand it to her. The song hasn’t aged a bit. It seems delightfully fresh and made for the film.

Going purely by lyrics, it’s an imploration to look in a certain way, not staring, but really looking, into one’s soul. Days come and few things change in that time. There is a wariness against love and the masks one wears, too. Deep poetry to be found here, if you can discover the meanings to some of the harder words.

A vision to behold, but what a delight to listen to, too! Check it out here:


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