MC Altaf: Everyone has a different taste in music

By Bryan Durham - February 4, 2020

MC Altaf (Altaf Shaikh) came to the fore as one of the Dharavi kids who taught Ranveer Singh how to rap authentically like a Gully Boy. We spoke to the guy ahead of Vh1’s Listen and came away wondering how someone who spits fire in his rap delivery could be so politically correct and concise with his replies.

MC Altaf: Everyone has a different taste in music

Here’s what he had to say…

Your thoughts on the criticism around Gully Boy not making it to the Oscars shortlist because it was supposedly too similar to 8 Mile?

Everyone has their own opinion.

Why is local hip-hop getting popular at THIS point in time in India according to you? 

Hip hop is one locally and globally.  We love making music and people are connecting with it.

Gangsta swag rap is accepted more easily than message/social issue-based ones (case in point, Chote Sunn doing better than Jeetna Hai). Why do you think that is?

Everyone has a different taste in music. Some people like Chote Sunn and the other like Jeetna Hai.  

Hip Hop has been an inherently foreign concept. How ‘swadesi’ have you and your peers made it?
In my view, hip-hop listeners are all over the world. My pals and I have been living hip-hop.    


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