Meet Gopi Longia, the unknown Punjabi rapper who’s huge on TikTok

By Bryan Durham - September 3, 2019

And is known in Punjab as Bohemia 2 or Desi Bohemia

It is no secret that TikTok is quickly making superstar influencers out of people you’d never have heard of, otherwise. But that fame is largely limited to lip-syncers, actors and dancers.

Meet Gopi Longia, the unknown Punjabi rapper who’s huge on TikTok
Gopi Longia

As we last told you, it has been responsible for the revival of largely regional songs and that too, old ones. The sharing platform has made songs like Teri Pyaari Pyaari Do Akhiyan and Haanji (The Marriage Mantra) superhits and now, it looks poised at making a Bohemia sound-alike rapper, Gopi Longia, a known name, with his song Hauli Hauli Nach.

Most Tiktokers take a trending sound or a hashtag and create content around it. It’s difficult to pinpoint what led to Hauli Hauli Nach being popular on the platform, but clearly every big name knows about this song even if they haven’t made a video on it yet.

Here are a few examples of how the song played out on TikTok…

Gopi’s vocal delivery is unique in that he mimics Bohemia’s hoarseness and then amplifies with a raspy cough-like sound on all the tracks he features on. The man has close to 750 mn followers on TikTok. From what we hear, he’s even got a tattoo of Bohemia on his arm.

Not much else is known about Gopi (real name: Gurpreet Singh) apart from the fact that he is a featuring artist on several low-rung Punjabi pop artists.


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