Mika Singh faces backlash for his performance in Karachi!

By Bandook - August 12, 2019

Mika Singh faces backlash for his performance in Karachi!
Mika Singh (Pic used for representational purpose) | INSTAGRAM

Singer Mika Singh is one of the most popular live performers in the country. At the same time, he also happens to be controversy’s favourite child. This time around, a recent performance at a Karachi wedding got Twitter fuming.

And while India and Pakistan may not be on good terms at the moment (or for a while now), artists routinely find work across the border. The wedding, in Mika’s case, was a fan’s. Said fan is a Pakistani billionaire’s daughter and also happens to be former Pakistani Prime Minister Pervez Musharraf’s cousin’s daughter.

Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat tweeted a 30-second video of Mika singing Jumme Ki Raat Hai with the caption, “Happy that Indian singer Mika Singh performed at the mehndi of Gen Musharraf’s relative recently in Karachi. God forbid if it was Nawaz Sharif’s relative it would be raining ghadari k hashtag already.”

Furious fans tweeted, “Mika Singh Paaji we Indians gave you so much love… And in a situation like that when Pak banned all trade ties with us, sending terrorists across the border, our tensions are very high right now. Why did you go to Pakistan for a show? Few bucks are bigger than India?”

Another fan wrote,” A traitor may not have been spotted in Pak; but u’ve brought one to the notice of Indian Tweeple, now! (sic), while another one sarcastically commented, “@MikaSingh hope u were paid well (sic).”

Well, artist fees speak louder than public outrage. Mika was reportedly paid ₹1.06 crore to perform and was given visa clearance for him and his crew along with high-level security clearance.


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